Name: Dasty Eqidius
Origin: Slovakia

D.O.B.: 09.12.2010

Titles: V, IPO3, KKL, DM CLEAR
Hip Rating: A Stamped - Slovakia
Elbow Rating: A Stamped - Slovakia

Dasty Eqidius


Dasty is the Ultimate when it comes to top quality Working line German Shepherds. He is a large boned male with phenomenal structure, movement and masculine head. Dasty's work ethic is out of this world! He is titled in SVV1, IPO3 (A:96, B:98, C:95), KKL and SG. While he was in Slovakia he also come in 3rd at the Universal Sieger.

Aside from Dasty's outstanding work ethic and confirmation one of the main reasons he remains a huge part of our breeding program is his temperament. Dasty is a very serious working dog with a show stopping performance every time he steps in the ring. From the moment he steps out of the ring he is the sweetest and most social dog you could ever hope to work with. Dasty is a "ham" around kids, loves to play ball and is really well tempered around small animals. Every day he walks loose through chickens, cats, horses and other dogs. He is always a gentalmen and truly a joy to have around.

Dasty is available for stud: Live Cover, Fresh or Frozen


Dasty Eqidius was born in Slovakia and comes from top Working pedigree. His father is an extremely talented and famous male named Sid vom Haus Pixner. Sid holds titles in SCHH3 (SG-BSP), FH2 and LGA-SIEGER. Sid is a large dark sable male with very impressive characteristics. Sid's father is also a top male named Aiax von Haus Hartmann who is titled in SCHH3, IPO3, FCI-FH. On the bottom side of Dasty's pedigree you will find his mother Rena Eqidius who has been a phenominal producer for us over the years. Rena is titled in VD, SVV1, IPO2 & KKL. She is a dark sable female with great confirmation, work ethic and temperament. Rena is the daughter to Olex de Valsory who is a stunning dark sable male titled in VD, SCHH3, IPO3 and KKL1. Rena's mothers is Zira Egidius who is one of the staple females found in most champion pedigree's that comes from Slovakia. Zira's titled include SVV1, IPO3, SCHH3 & KKL.

All the dogs listed in this pedigree (including Dasty) have good hip/elbow ratings from the German SV.

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