Name: Didi Mihapa
Origin: Czech Republic

D.O.B.: 01.05.2014

Hip Rating: Fast Normal (SV), 0/0 (Czech)
Elbow Rating: Normal (SV), 0/0 (Czech)

Didi Mihapa


Didi is a Black Sable male imported from Czech Republic. Didi is living proof that you really can "Have It All" when it comes to Working Line German Shepherds. He is intelligent, driven, social and absolutely STUNNING! This handsome male get's looks everywhere he goes and he is an absolute gentleman to work with. Didi has training in obedience as well as protection. His obedience is fun and coming along nicely each and every day. His protection is phenomenal, clear headed and flashy, flashy, flashy!! Did has been enrolled into our training program because we really see his potential and we can't wait to bring it out of him. Keep a close eye on this guy!


Did is a Czech imported male and looking into his pedigree it's no surprise the he is as impressive as he is. Didi's father is a Norbert Aritar Bastet who is SG rated and titled in IPO3 and KKL. Norbert is a Black Sable German shepherd male with large size, good bone structure and stellar work ethics. This comes as no surprize when you look at both of Norberts parents. His father (Didi's Grandfather) is Mic von der Kine who is V rated, SCHH3 and KKL. Mic is just an awesome dog...large build, good movement, dark pigmentation and amazing work ethics. Norberts mother (Didi's Grandmother) is Coletta Antar Bastet who is SG rated and titled in SCHH, ZVV1, FPr1 and KKL. Coletta is a good size female with a nice build, masculine and character. On the mother line to Didi you have some very impressive German Shepherds. First starting with his mother, Qwerta Kedorb, who is SG rated and titled in IPO1 and KKL. Qwerta's father is a very famous male named Gerro Leryka who is V rated and titled in IPO3, SCHH3, FPr2, ZM, ZPU2, ZPO1, ZVV3 and KKL. Just looking at Gerro's titled I don't need to say much more about his work ethic or populartiy. This dog is stunning to look at and as impressive as they come. Didi's Grandmother (through the mother line) is Iris Kedorb who is SG rated and titled in ZVV2, IPO2, SCHH2, ZPS1, FPr3 and KKL. This pedigree and blodline is not only meant to work, they are meant to look good doing it!! That is exactly what we have in Didi and we are so pleased to have him as a part of our program.

To see more on this pedigree simply click on the pedigree image below. Here you will find pictures of the parents & grandparents as well as their titles. All the dogs listed below (including Didi) have good hip and elbow ratings from the German SV.

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