Name: Goran Eqidius
Origin: Slovakia

D.O.B.: 02.25.2015

Titles: V, SVV1, IPO3, KKL, DM CLEAR
Hip Rating: Normal
Elbow Rating: Fast Normal

Goran Eqidius


Goran is an absolutely stunning male with a great temperament. He has wonderful drives while still maintaining sociability and a clear head. Working with Goran is always a pleasure and brings a smile to our faces. He truly gives off a masculine appearance while giving everything 100%. Goran is a V rated male who also has his SVV1, IPO3, KKL. We have high hopes for him and are already enjoying seeing some of his top traits in his progeny.

Goran is available for stud: Live Cover, Fresh or Frozen


Goran comes from a powerful and well-structured male named Passat Eqidius who has an SVV1, IPO3, IGP3, and KKL. Passat has a masculine head, nice angles, and a solid drive. Passat has a dark pigmentation which adds to his appearance and makes it truly a pleasure to watch him work. The father to Passat is an outstanding male named Drago Eqidius (V, IPO3, SVV1, SCHH3, KKL). Drago is a very well-known male who has incredible work drive, pigmentation, as well as a clear head. The mother to Passat is also extremely noteworthy. Her name is Veronika Eqidius and she is titled in IPO3, SVV1, FH2, and KKL. Both Drago & Veronika can be found in many of the pedigrees of world champions today.

The mother to Goran is Quela Eqidius. Quela is an outstanding female who has an SVV1 and KKL. She has a deep pigmentation and a very nice body structure and a well-rounded work ethic. Igor Aritar Bastet (SG, SVV1, KKL) is the father to Quela. Igor is a well-structured male who has nice angles as well as a masculine head. The mother to Quela is Cara Eqidius (SG, SVV1, KKL) who is an outstanding female. Cara has a wonderful temperament and a deep sable pigmentation. She maintains a clear head and a nice work ethic.

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