Name: Marlo v. Baccara
Origin: Germany

D.O.B.: 12.14.2012

Titles: VA3(BSZS), VA1(USA), IPO3, KKL, DM (A/N)
Hip Rating: Normal
Elbow Rating: Normal

Marlo v. Baccara


Marlo is a powerful male with flawless confirmation and deep red pigmentation. He has an extensive show career, and this includes being a 2X world champion placing VA4 in Nurnberg, Germany (BSZS'16) and VA3 in Ulm, Germany (BSZS'17). No matter what field Marlo enters, he pulls a crowd and can keep the attention on him! His work ethic is as impressive as his presence which is why he was rated IPO3 by the time he was two years old. He is sweet, social, and a pleasure to be around. Marlo boasts incredible traits that can be seen passed down in his progeny. Few dogs match this type of caliber, and Marlo truly has the "it factor"!

Marlo is available for stud: Frozen


Marlo’s father, Roy Terrae Lupiae, was an impressive male rated VA2 (Italy’10), V12 (BSZS’10), SCHH3 & KKL. Roy comes from a powerhouse pedigree filled with German champions and top rated dogs. Roy is a (4-4) linebreeding to VA1 Jeck vom Noricum who was rated VA1, SCHH3, FH1, KKL. Other close decedents include VA1 Zamb von der Wienerau SchH3, VA5 Xandra von der Wienerau SCHH3, IPO3, V20 Ussi von der Wienerau SCHH3, IPO3 & VA6 Odin von Tannenmeise SCHH3, FH. Roy has produced countless V rated and IPO dogs but the winning combination was certainly with Yamiko vom Feuermelder when Marlo von Baccara was born and became Roy’s highest rated son.

Yakimo vom Feuermelder is a stunning female with a spectacular body type. She is expressive in her face and floats in her gait. Its no surprise this female is 2X VA rated at the German Sieger show (BSZS) in 2012 & 2013. Yakimo also holds titles in IPO3 & KKL. She is a show stopper in the ring which is no surprise given her genetics. Not only is her family filled with top quality German champions but she is also the full sister and littermate to World Champion & 2XVA (’12 & ’13) Yankee vom Feuermelder rated IPO3, KKL. When you think about good breeding and top genetics it’s a remarkable accomplishment to have both brother and sister (Yankee & Yamiko) VA at the German Sieger (BSZS) in 2012 & 2013. These outstanding German Shepherd siblings are from father, V Joker vom Eichenplatz (SCHH3, KKL) and mother, V(BSZS) Amanda am Seeteich (SCHH2, KKL).

You can see some pictures of Marlo's parents and grandparents by clicking on the pedigree below. All the dogs you see listed in this pedigree (including Marlo) have their A stamp Hip/Elbow ratings from the German SV.

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