Name: Hannibal Canine Extreme
Origin: USA

D.O.B.: 09.28.2021

Titles: IGP1
Hip Rating: Normal
Elbow Rating: Normal

Hannibal Canine Extreme


Hannibal Canine Extreme was a special dog from birth. At a young age he showed confidence, drive, heart not to mention his stunning looks. He took to the show ring as youth receiving high praises from many SV judges and has since gone on to to continue to impress in the show ring while working towards his IGP titles. 2024 is Hannibal's first year as a stud and all ready he is producing pups that are a clear reflection of himself.

- February 2023 | SE Regional Championship | Youth Class LSH | SG1 | SV Judge Jurgen Maibuchen
- April 2023 | Universal Sieger Show | Young Class LSH | SG2 | SV Robert Lang
- May 2023 | Piedmont Schutzhund Club Conformation Show | Young Class LSH | SG1 | SV Roberto Caputi
- June 2023 | Mid-Eastern Regional Breeding Evaluation Show | Young Class LSH | SG1 | USCA/SV Heidi Theis
- July 2023 | South MIchigan Schutzhund & Police Club Conformation Show | Young Class LSH | SG1 | USCA Karen Maclntyre
- September 2023 | USCA Sieger Show | Young Males LSH | SG3 | SV Judge Harald Hohmann

Health Test: D Locus Clear, K-Kb Carrier (meaning he has a dominant black gene to produce solid black), DM carrier (A/N)
Available: Frozen and Live Cover (KY)


The father of this litter is a stunning male named Korado Catani Black Avax Hof. Korado has an incredibly masculine structure, deep pigmentation, and powerful movement that help him stand out in a crowd. This has helped him achieve his VA3 rating under judge Wilhelm Nordsieck and his IPO3 rating. The father to Korado is a super dog named Margman Yes. Margman Yes is a masculine solid black male who boasts incredible movement as well as structure. He holds countless titles that include his V rating(LGZS) and his IPO2 and KKL. You can clearly see that these titles are well-earned from the work ethic and power that he shows off. As you look deeper into his pedigree, you will see his father Landos vom Quartier Latin as well as his grandfather Furbo degli Achei. Both Landos and Furbo are incredible males who have made names for themselves in the show world. Landos has achieved his V rating, and Furbo has claimed his V9(BSZS'09). Kimba Avax Hof is the mother of Korado. She is an outstanding female who has great coloration as well as a nice gate and angles. Kimba is an SG rated female who also has an IPO1 and KKL. Kimba comes from a top male who has competed at the highest level named Arex von der Wilhelmswarte. He has earned countless V ratings in his show career, as well as earning his VA6 (BSZS'10) and his, SchH3, KKL.

The mother of this litter is a beautiful female named Kimmie vom Aldamar. Kimmie is a beautiful female with dark pigmentation and a fluid movement. At a young age, Kimmie started competing and quickly earned her SG title in Germany as well as her IGP1. The sire to Kimmie, Fight vom Holtkamper Hof, is titled VA2 (USA17), V13 (BSZS13), IPO3, KKL. Fight is just a phenomenal dog, and with two of his sons (ASAP vom Aldamar VA2 BSZS'21 and Henko vom Holtkämper Hof VA5 BSZS'19) placing in the top 5 at the World Championships (BSZS), he is currently one of the most sought-after pedigrees in the USA. Fights father is a top male named Peik vom Holtkamper Hof. Peik is a World Champion male from Germany who is titled in VA (BSZS, B & USA), SCHH3, and KKL. He has strong drives to work and a very nice overall body type. The mother to Kimmie is Galina vom Frankengold. Galina is a wonderfully well-structured female who has nice angles and great pigmentation. She is a V-rated female who also has her IPO2 and KKL. The father to Galina is the World Champion male 2X VA1 (BSZS'11 & '12) Remo vom Fichtenschlag. Remo is a stunning male who has a masculine head, large bone structure, and deep pigmentation. This is all accompanied by an SCHH3, IPO3, KKL, and outstanding work ethic.

Linebreeding: Vegas Haut Mansard(4,5-5)

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