Name: Archie od Basiora
Origin: Germany

D.O.B.: 06.22.2018

Titles: V (LGZS), IGP2, KKL, DM (A/N)
Hip Rating: Normal
Elbow Rating: Normal

Archie od Basiora


Archie is an incredible up and coming male German Sheperd. The possibilities are limitless for him as he boasts both an incredible work ethic, an outstanding pedigree, and the pigmentation and structure to back it up. Archie can turn heads when he enters a room and has the ability to keep the attention as he works. When working with Archie, you can see and feel the power and focus that he has. This has helped him to already achieve his V (LGZS) rating as well as his IGP2 and KKL. We're extremely excited here at Canine Extreme to watch him grow, develop, and take his place standing at the top.


The father to Archie is Eskan vom Winnloh whose photos truly do no justice. Eskan holds his VA rating as well as a V rating at the BSZS in 2018. This is accompanied by a great work ethic that has helped him to achieve his IGP3 and KKL. Her father is the World Champion male VA3 Marlo von Baccara. Marlo is truly a top-quality male, and if his stunning presence isn't enough, his work ethic is just out of this world! Marlo is a high caliber German Shepherds that you can come across today. Marlo loves to train, and it's this quality that really shines through in his bloodlines and progeny. His sire is Roy Terrae Lupiae, who was an impressive male rated VA2 (Italy'10), V12 (BSZS'10), SCHH3 & KKL. Roy comes from a powerhouse pedigree filled with German champions and top-rated dogs. The mother to Eskan is a beautiful female named Danja vom Winnloh. Not only is Danja an incredible female who holds countless titles such as her V rating, SchH1, and KKL, but she passes down incredible traits. Danja already has a well-established progeny that continues to improve in the working and the show world.

Messina od Basiora is the mother to Archie. Massina is a beautiful female who has great structure and pigmentation. She holds her SG title as well as her IPO1 and KKL. Massina's father is a top-rated male named Schumann von Tronje, who has competed at the top. Schumann von Tronje holds more ratings and titles that can be counted on your hands, as well as the coveted VA rating at the BSZS that he earned in 2015. With just one look, you can see why he is able to hold his own at the BSZS as he boasts incredible pigmentation as well as a great structure. He possesses the ability to pass these genes down in his progeny as many of his descendants have already achieved their V rating, with 15 of them achieving it at the BSZS. The mother to Massina is Baxi z Sosnowego Zakatka, an outstanding female who has looks to go along with her great temperament and drive. She has achieved her V rating as well as her IPO1 and KKL. This was a combination of two fantastic lines, and the result speaks for itself.

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